Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oh Boy, oh boy, oh boy...... It's a GIRL!!!!!!!

The morning of the ultrasound, your dad wore a blue shirt in hopes that it was going to be a boy.....

Grandma, Auntie M, Dad and I were so excited to so if you were a boy or girl. Dad and I found out first, then Grandma and Auntie M came in for the news! We were all so excited! Grandpa called a million times because he was sad he couldn't be there.It was a beautiful moment, one that we will all never forget! 

First Father's Day

June 19, 2011
I bought your dad Oh The Places You'll Go... A Book to Read in  Utero by Dr.Seuss. He read it to you that night!

He rubbed my tummy as he read to you....

19 Week Tummy Shot!

Wow.... you really popped out!

18 Week Tummy Shot!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

17 Week Tummy Shot!!

You're getting bigger and bigger!!!!

16 Week Tummy Shot with a shirt on!


16 Week Tummy Shot !

This is the week you popped out!

15 Week Tummy Shot with the shirt !

15 Week Tummy Shot!!

14 Week Tummy Shot!!!

13 Week Tummy Shot!!!

Graduation weekend, mother's day weekend, and my birthday week! I remember how crazy this weekend was, but I was so excited that I was finally showing just a little bit through my clothes. Also, following this great weekend, I had the norovirus! YUCK!!!!!! It was so horrible.

12 Week Ultrasound

I still can not believe how detailed this is.....
I remember when the nurse told us that the baby was chewing on the umbilical cord, it was so cute :)

12 Week Tummy Shot!!!

11 Week Tummy Shot!