Friday, July 29, 2011

Guess who has a cousin?????

This is the day Aunite Nina found out she was having a baby! You two will be about a month apart and hopefully just as close as Aunite Nina and I are!

24 Week Tummy Shot!

23 week tummy shot!!!!!!

As you can tell, mommy is wearing the same outfit as last week :)

Your bassinet..

Grandma and I were going to garage sales one day, and then I saw it. The perfect bassinet for you. This mom was so kind and told me her girls loved it and used it after they got a little older to play with their dolls. Its the perfect piece for our collectic house!

The cute monkey is from Auntie Karen!

22 Week Tummy Shot!!!!!!!

21 week Tummy Shot!!!!!!!

20 week Tummy Shot!